Contact Details

Elegant Cakes and Party Date is owned and operated
by Melissa White, Sugar Art Designer. 
We are located in Doncaster, Victoria.

To Contact us please phone the Mobile on 0413482249 or
Email is the best and quickest way to make sure I have all your details.
What information do you need?
Please provide the information below to receive your quote. 
Your name and contact details
The date and time of your event
Location of your event, with either pick up or delivery
The serving size you require - Is it to serve with coffee, or is it the main dessert?
The number of people you need to cater for, and their ages.
Your budget- don't be shy.
Any relevant photos.

What can I order from you?

At Elegant Cakes and Party Dates you can order a custom designed cake, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, figurines or even a Dessert Buffet. Have a look and see what I have done in the past. 

Do you deliver?
For large orders we can deliver for an extra fee, alternatively you can pick up your order at no additional cost.
What about parties?
Elegant Cakes and Party Dates also organises hosted parties in your home where you and your guests can have fun designing something of your own.

Cupcake parties are $240 for 8 people
- additional people $30 each
Mini Cake Parties are $210 for 6 people
- additional people $35 each
Travel allowance for parties:
A travel allowance will also be calculated according to your location, this is usually from around $40, depending on where you live.

About us

Elegant Cakes is registered with the local council and is required to keep records and have the Kitchen Inspections. Also this is done to ensure that Food Safety Regulations are followed, so that anything you order is not only yummy, but safe to eat.

 All of the articles, parties, cakes, cookies and figurines featured on this site are the work of Melissa White. The cooking with children segments are brought to you by Jessica and Dominic White.

Elegant Cakes and Party Dates started operations in 2010. The business was born out of my love for baking with my children and grew from there.