A birthday request....


A fun cake for one of my regular customers. Alessio requested this Beyblade cake.
A Beyblade is basically a spinning top that you build and battle with other Beyblades.They even have special arenas to hold the battles. Beyblades basically have 3 parts that you put together. From the different parts you can made lots of different combinations and these have different strengths and weaknesses.  It is all rather complicated, and I had to ask my nephew about it all, as my kids missed out on this craze. One thing I must say is the tops are great at spinning for a long time if they don't get knocked out.
The  Beyblade cake is a 8 inch round mud cake, which is his family's favourite and this cake was made for Alessio's 8th birthday.
Last year I made Alessio a Ghostbusters cake. He even got to add his own slime!                          

The year before that was a lego cake.

It fun to look back over the years and see the toys, movies and trends of the time.