Dancing themed cake for 11 year old

I have made quite a few cakes for Mietta now. This is the second cake with a dancing theme. For Mitta's 9th birthday I made her ballet slippers. I love the colours Mietta requested for this years cake, especially the aqua and silver. 

A little bit about the cake
The cake is chocolate mud with ganche filling and fondant icing. The silhouetted dancers are made from gumpaste, as I needed them to be strong enough to stand up and pop out of the cake.  Mietta's name was made using letter cutters and painted silver using edible lustre dust. "Live, Love, Dance" was hand painted with black food colour. The stars on wires were made in advance and placed in a posy pick. It is always important when using any wire that it come into contact with the cake. Wired toppers should also be removed first, before the cake is cut.