Join us for a fairy house cake decorating party!

 Helena’s 10th Birthday

Location:     Ashburton      Number of guests:  7
Look at all the fairy houses! Theses little houses have been so popular. This time we were making them at Helena's party. The girls were very excited. Each child started with their own 5 inch round cake. 2 hours later, we had this lovely collection of bright and happy fairy houses. There are little rabbits hiding in the gardens, birds hang out on the roof. Magic mushrooms have started popping up all over the place. There are tree and flowers and decorations on the windows. The children enjoy this cake decorating class so much, as they get to add their own creative finishing touches. They also learn a lot making these houses. How to cover a cake. How to make a magic mushroom roof. Windows, door and all the other special touches. They get to use rollers, cutters, texture plates and anything else they like to do with. The parties are very social and fun. A very popular party activity for those turning 10!

Wondering how you organise at party? Well, if you live in Melbourne, it is easy.
All you need is a table set up with a plastic table cloth and a place for each guest to sit.
I bring everything you need and clean up the table when the children are done!

I hope you enjoyed this happy post,