New cute cake decorating party

We have a lot of different designs that we make at our mini cake parties, owls, rainbows, volcanos and many more. Here another new mini party cake that came about after I  discovered that kids love making the magic mushrooms and  tiny flowers. This make is just a little different to our fairy house class, we still make the mushrooms and the flowers with some leaves and bushes, but instead of making the cake look like a house, we add a standing tree and model an animal on the top. Again this could be an owl, which are the most popular, or anything else you like from a sheep to a teddy. I was thinking a fox would be cute.
The party flags on the front of the cake can be used for your name,  to write a message or for your age. in front of the cake is a little log. Again, this design encourages the children to add what ever little touches they like. They will be shown how to make each of the items and I am there to help with anything they need.