Decorating cupcakes for my birthday!

The photos in this post show some of the Tiffany themed cupcakes that were made at Lexie's party.
As the weather turns cooler and you are looking for a way to celebrate your next Birthday, having a party at home can be easier than you think. Elegant Cake and Party Dates hosts cake decorating parties in your home.

Lexie Selected these cupcakes to make with her friends. During the 2 hour party, the guests made 4 different cupcakes. The girls  were around 12 and 13 years of age.

 All you need to provide for hosted cupcake decorating parties is a table and chairs for the guests to work at. It is best to have it covered in a plastic table, not only to protect the furniture, but to make it  easy to clean up.

Each guest is provided with a placemat  to work on. This is where they roll out all their fondant and make their decorations.

The fondant is all prepared. It coloured and divided into the portions that each person will need.

 There are aprons and 99% of the time, everyone will wear one for the party.

I also bring all my tools. From rolling pins,  cutters and silicone impression mats and lots of other things.

My main focus is teaching cupcakes that can be made using only a few tools. I do this so that the children have the opportunity to be able to recreate things that they make at home, without having to buy a whole lot of expensive equipment.

These parties are a lot of fun!

We make things like the present cupcake. Starting by rolling fondant ball  and making it into a square. Then a string of  ribbon fondant is added and two tiny tear drops to make a little bow.

The 3d bows cupcakes are very popular, not only with the Tiffany themed parties, we have done lots of different version, including doted and striped bows. We do this together step by step. The great thing about making a fondant bow is the fact that the only equipment you need  is a rolling pin and a knife.

Ribbon flowers are another popular item to make. With tear drop shaped leaves.

Sometimes when we have a class, people just want to do their own thing. That is perfectly fine too. As long as everyone is having fun, it doesn't matter at all.

Here is Lexie's Birthday cake which I made for her to complement the theme of her cupcake decorating party. At each party there is always the option to order a personalised Birthday cake.
This one was a yummy chocolate cake!

So what did Lexie and her family think of the cupcake decorating party?
Below is a review of Lexie's party written by her Mum.

We recently had a cupcake decorating party for my daughter Lexie's 13th birthday. Lexie and 8 of her friends decorated Tiffany themed cupcakes. All the girls loved it, especially Lexie who loves baking and cake decoration. It was totally "her" and she is still talking about what a great time she had! Melissa was wonderful to deal with and was very patient teaching the finer points of decorating cupcakes to young teenage girls. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Melissa and her wonderful business. She also made a cake for Lexie to share with her friends and it was delicious! Thank you Melissa - Narelle Cilia

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