A very special Holy Communion cake for Nathan

Here is Nathan's simple, but spectacular Holy Communion cake.
Nathan's Mum contacted me after seeing the cake I made for Mietta's Holy Communion.
In fact, I have made quite a few cakes for Mietta's family for different events now.

Nathan had a new shirt, tie and suit to wear at his Holy Communion.
His little fondant figurine was hand made and is dressed in the same little outfit.
Because the figurine had to be standing to was important to make it  in advance, this gives the fondant figurine a chance to firm up At least a week is best, then you don't end up with a droopy position- which wouldn't look very good at all.

The cake is pale blue, with a dark blue ribbon to match his tie.
The family choose my most popular flavour, mud cake with chocolate ganache under the fondant.
This cake also keeps well if you  happen to end up with any left overs after the event.
When transporting a cake like this, the best thing you can do it is place it in a box in the empty boot of the car. A piece of non-slip mat will stop the box from sliding anywhere. This is much safer than placing the cake on a seat, where there is the possibility of it falling forward.
It is also better than holding it.

This cake does not need to be stored in the fridge before it is cut.
It is best left in it's box, away from heat and sunlight.

Congratulations Nathan!