21st Masquerade Carnival Cake in Windsor

Isabella contacted me recently with a request to make her 21st birthday cake. The original design she had in mind consisted of  two square wonky cakes with the front of the cake presented on the corner. After talking to her though, we came up with a few changes. Rather than wonky cakes, we decided on full height cakes, one a round and one square. The 21 was also moved to the centre of the bottom tier.

The colours of the cake look very striking together. The gold pieces were hand painted with edible paint. These were not served though, as they were for decoration only. The mask on the cake was hand cut and made from fondant. The mask was then dried for a couple of days to hold it's shape. The feathers were then added and the mask was painted with edible paints. Little hand maid pearls were then added.

Isabella's 21st was held at the Back Bar in Windsor. It was cold, with misty rain when I delivered the cake and the bar looked like a very inviting place to stay and have a drink.
They have two areas. The red bar with comfy couches downstairs and the gold room upstairs.

Unfortunately, I had to leave the cake in the kitchen, as the Bar was still open to the public when I was there. It would have been lovely to of had the opportunity to set up the cake all ready for Isabella's arrival and take a photo.