Dominic's Pizza Party!

 This is the pizza party I organised for Dominic's Birthday. Such a fun theme to put together, as there are so many colours and decorations you can use. We started by printing some posters to make Dominic his own "Pizza Parlour". We found red and white tablecloths and printed our own personalised placemats with word finds and other activities. We used fairy lights and balloons to add some atmosphere to the room. Black aprons were used by all the guests while they made individual pizzas. They made the dough, added the ingredients and had fun comparing results when they were done.
Although we cooked savoury pizza, we could have made pizza cakes, or dessert pizzas. Pizza cooking parties are a fun way to entertain a group of boys. All we added were a few games and a chef hat cake for dessert.
Happy Birthday Dominic!!!!