An afternoon cake decorating with children in Croydon.

Here is Marie's  Purple Owl Birthday Party. The children were around 10 and 11 years old, although one of the girls was only 7. This party was actually held outside under the veranda. It started off as a rather cool and grey afternoon, but by the time we finished, it was warm and sunny. That is why the cakes are different colours, it depended on how much sun was shining on them. As for having the party outside. I have done that a couple of times now. I won't recommend it if it is very hot, as the icing gets very sticky if it warms up too much. Sometime you also have to worry about flies and wasps. However, we were fine on this particular day.
It was a rather large party for this age group, as they all need a bit of help covering their cakes.
Covering the cakes is probably the hardest bit, firstly because everyone is excited and want to hurry and secondly because they are only starting to get used to the feel of the icing. From there everything is much easier and they can concentrate on adding creative touches.