It's great to be 8!

Today I have a couple of photos from Katya's 8th Birthday party to share with you.
This was just a little party with children aged between 4 and 8 years old.
The party was held in their townhouse living room and it was a great way to keep the children entertained, as there wasn't much space.
The party was a mix of boys and girls and all had fun making the cupcakes.
Unfortunately my photos haven't turned out very well, but I still think you can get some idea of what they made. Each child was given an icing pack. The boys had two shades of blue and the girls two shades of pink, then they all had white, chocolate, yellow and black fondant.
We made bows, there are a few different versions, white bows,  pink bows, and multi-coloured ones. The children learnt  how to add different patterns to their cupcakes. Using both the texture plates and adding different colours, which they did when they made the dotty cupcake.  They also made a birthday cake and a duck.