Making fancy cupcakes- a very special hen's party in Melbourne

If you are looking for a different way to kick off your hen's night celebrations, why not try a cake decorating party. Here is one we had recently. This cupcake class was organised by the bridesmaids.   It was held in the afternoon, before they took the bride out clubbing in Melbourne.

The cupcake class was a girl's only affair.  Everyone had to come dressed in the worst bridesmaid dress they could find. So you can imagine some of the dresses.

 It was a great way for bride to celebrate with her friends and female members from both sides of the family. Even the flower girl was invited.

There were about 5 tables set up for the party, each with a plastic table cloth on and I brought all the place mats and tools for them to use. A total of 18 guests took part, their ages ranging from 4 year old to 70+

The first cupcake they made were the love birds. This was a special request from the bride.
They started by rolling out the fondant for the cupcakes and using the texture plates to put a pattern on it. Then we made the birds together and they added their own little touches like bows, hearts, even a tie.

The second cupcake we made was a bottle of champagne and some grapes. The bottle and the grapes are hand modelled. Basically you make a pear shape and then add the yellow cork and the label.

Then a bow cupcake. Bows are always so popular because they look so great. They are really quite simple to make, which is great because you don't need special tools to make them again.  That means you could easily make a batch of cupcakes, changing the colour of the bow to suit the occasion.  for example pink and blue bows for babies, bright bows for a birthday, etc.

The last cupcake has a  red and black lace garter on it. One of the bridesmaids requested this one.

The lace is made using a silicone mould. The little flowers are also made using a silicone mould made of two parts, a ball of fondant is placed inside and the two pieces are pressed together.

Sandra, was the bridesmaid who organised the day. She was very easy to work with and all her hard work resulted in a great afternoon for both the bride and her guests. If you would like more information on parties please click here, if you would like to read some testimonials, including on from Sandra, please click here.

Elegant Cakes and Party Dates also made engagement cakes and wedding cakes.

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