Under the sea cake decorating party melbourne.

I was asked by a law firm in the city to come up with a cake decorating activity for their annual children's party day. This involved a full day of activities, a trip to Collingwood children's farm, lunch, cake decorating and a movie to finish.

So the first challenge was to select a theme that was suitable for very young children, as well as the older ones. One that could be enjoyed by both boys and girls. So, I came up with an "Under the Sea" afternoon for them.

I had to cater for 26 people in total. Normally I have a limit of 15 for cupcake parties, so I have enough time to spend with each person, however there were a few helpers, so I was able to handle the large number of children. The ages of the children ranged from 4 to 12 years old, with adults to help.

 I started with the easiest cupcake, which was the star fish and worked by way through each cup cake with them, step by step. Some of the children were quite happy to do their own thing. One wanted to make a wolf, another a beach scene, but as long as they were enjoying themselves I was happy and helped them if they needed it. It was a great afternoon, with lots of pretty cupcakes, shame I was too busy to take a picture out the board room window where we were, as we had a lovely view of the city and the law courts. Thanks to the people that helped, especially Jessica!

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