Making mini fondant cakes as a birthday party activity.

I have Grace's 11th Birthday party to share with you today. Grace's favourite colour is blue, so we are making blue fondant mini cakes.

Here is the table set up all ready to go with a plastic table cloth. Plastic is always best as the fondant doesn't stick to it and you can clean up easily after by just removing it. The girls also have their own placemats to work on which I make for them.  This is where they will work. It gives them a clean smooth surface to roll out their fondant and make their decorations. At the end of the party they get to take the place makes home along with their box with their  finished cake inside.

 This was a nice and small celebration with 6 guests. We all had a lot of fun and I had lots of time to spend with each child to give them any help they needed.

The girls started off by covering their cakes in blue fondant. Usually none of the children have tried this before and at first they are a little overwhelmed  but  soon they are all using After the fondant smoothers which to help them get a nice finish on their cakes.
Some of the things the girls learnt how to do were modelling, ribbon roses, how to texture leaves, how to make different boarders around the cakes. Although we work together as a group, no individual has to do things the same. I am quite happy to help them with different techniques.
For example, this pretty cake below has been made using a rubber flower mould.

 Here are some pictures of how they are made:

I bring lots of different tools and equipment to my cake decorating parties. The children can then select the ones they would like to use. Below Kimberly has put her name on the cake using some of the tiny letters I have. The idea is to provide tools that are easy to use and get nice results with.

We also went through step by step how to make a bow. This wasn't actually planned.  One of the girls just asked if she could add a bow, so I showed them how to do it using some left over blue fondant, which they had used to cover their cakes earlier. So a couple of the girls decided to put them on their cakes.

Sophie enjoyed using my mini blossom cutter to decorate her cake.

Then they all learnt   step by step how to make an owl.
The owls turned out so cute!! I love the little bows and hats.

If you would like to book your own cake decorating party, please check out more party details here.
Happy Birthday Grace!!! Thanks for having us at your place!