Fun cupcake decorating birthday party in Glen Waverley.

 Had another lovely party. This birthday party was for twins turning 10 years old.
There were 8 girls in total. the youngest was 8 years old and the oldest 12 years old.
We started off with the teddy bear, which you can see on the left. This cupcake was a big hit with the girls. It is also good one to start with because the shapes are made with cutters. This gives the girls a chance to get used to handling the fondant.

The next cupcake was their favourite one. The panda.  These turned out very well. The pandas were made one step at a time.
The body, feet, arms, then head eyes, face and ears. Putting them together after all the pieces are made, helps stopping them look too squashed, as the less they are touched, the more they retain their shape.
Two of the girls didn't want to make a black and white panda. So we had a pink and black "foxy" panda and a pink and black dog with a bone as well!

The girls also made a cupcake with two birds.
 And a castle cupcake.
It was a lot to do in just under 2 hours and the girls didn't want to stop for a break the whole time.

I spoke to the girl's Mum a couple of days after the party. She told me that all the girls had all had a wonderful time and her daughters still hadn't let anyone eat their cupcakes.

After the party I received a phone call from one of the parents that attended the party. She wanted to tell me how much her daughter enjoyed the party and how yummy the cupcakes were. She said that her daughter took off all the decorations  on the cupcakes she made and only shared the little cakes.
Her mum said she plans to keep the decoration to put on her birthday cake, which is coming up in a few day time.

The twin's mother also emailed me to say what a lovely time they had all had. Another fun class.

Until next time,