Making Penguin mini cakes in Mordialloc

 Here is the mini cake party we did for Georgia's Birthday. Georgia's favourite animal is the cute fairy penguin and her favourite colour is Blue. Using these two things it was pretty easy to come up with this fun winter theme for her cake decorating birthday party.

 The party was nice and small, with just 6 girls, including Georgia's Mum, which was lovely.
Each of the cakes are a bit different, and they all turned out great! 

So again, first the girls covered their cakes in fondant. Next it was time to make the penguin together. The girls then spent some time adding scarves, ear muffs.

Then they made a boarder around the bottom of their cakes made of snowy hills, snow balls and pine tree. I also showed then how to make simple 3d pine trees to place on top.

The girls were quite happy to add their own creative touches after that and all decided to add little snowmen, as well as their name or initials.  
All of the cakes were vanilla with vanilla butter cream. One of the guests had a peanut allergy, however the  cakes and decorations were  all nut free. 
 Happy Birthday Georgia!

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