Making fondant cakes for fun during the school holidays.

The children have been asking me to make their own cakes for a while now.
They always see me getting ready for parties and want to have some fun decorating with some friends too. So the other day they finally got a chance to decorate their own little cakes for Easter. Check out the gorgeous results!!
Dominic started by covering his cake. He needed a bit if help to smooth it out, but was right to add his doors, windows and roof after that.

Dominic didn't want to add any flowers, but he did add some moss and Easter eggs.

I think he did a really great job and love the blue curtains in the windows.
His friend who is also 9 years old made this cake with the great stones around the door. She also added some eggs to her roof.

Daniel  make this cake. He is 6 years old. Daniel really took his time making his cake. I love marbled rocks and door  he made. He has also added some moss above the frame and some easter eggs.

Next are the two 12 year olds who spent a lot longer working on their cakes. First, Stefanie's cake. I love the little chick and chipmunk you can see in this picture. Also the tiny detailed garden with the rake, pumpkin and little face peering out the window.

And finally,  here is Jessica's cake. Look at all the little blades of grass, the apple tree and mushrooms and the cute little rabbit! 

Jessica said doing this cake was so much fun and she can't wait to try her next cake project. Jessica has made a quite a few cakes over the years.  You can see some of her other cakes here

Such a lot of concentration and effort went into these creations and they all did such a great job!
It almost seems a shame to cut the cakes, but after all the work to make them, the kids wanted to enjoy eating them too.

We hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. I have a couple more parties to share with you soon!

Have a Happy and safe Easter 🐣