Giant Cupcakes!!

This is Jessica's 12th Birthday cake, which she shared with her friend Val. I don't know where the 12 years have gone. It still only seems like yesterday. The cupcake is  dark chocolate mud cakes with yummy ganache under the fondant.
I brought a new lace mould, which was very easy to use and gives the cake a shabby chic kind of feel. The flowers are all handmade, and the heart is painted with gold edible lustre dust. Unfortunately I took the photos in a hurry and the colours haven't come out all that great.
 Jessica ended up with two birthday cakes this year. The purple giant cupcake Jessica decorated herself and we had it at home with the family. Jess made all the little flowers using a press mould. Then she dusted them with pink and purple lustre dusts.
  The  other giant cupcake with the blue cake Jessica also made. The cupcake is a chocolate piƱata and is filled with lollies. Jessica actually made it for her teacher last year and took it to school. They got the teacher to smash open the pianta with a hammer, which they though was funny! 
It is lovely that Jessica still enjoys cake decorating. She is learning more and more all the time. Beautiful work Jess! Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!