Kids make little rainbow owl cakes at a cake decorating party in Melbourne

This cake decorating party ended up being  a combination of themes as Stephanie liked both the rainbow cakes and the owl cakes. Stephanie's favourite colour is blue, which is the colour used to cover the cakes.
Each of the cakes turned out a little different according to the colours each person selected and the decorations they made. All of the children started off with the same amount of icing and the same colours.
I taught then to make the rainbow first and then we moved on to making the owls. I love the little finishing touches the girls added to their cakes, such as the ear phones, glasses and the little blue book. 
The children that made these cakes were between 6 and 10 years old, showing no one is too young to have a go. There were 12 people at the party and they spent about 2 hours completing the cakes.
Happy 10th Birthday Stephanie!

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