Prices, How to Order and Book!

What information do you need to order cakes, etc?

Please provide the information below to receive your quote:

·         Your name, email, mobile and address.
·         The date and time of your event.
·         Location of your event, with either pick up or delivery
·         The serving size you require - Is it to serve with coffee, or is it the main dessert?
·         The number of people you need to cater for, and their ages.
·         Your budget- be honest. That way I can give you options.
·         Any relevant photos.

I will then send you an e-mail with all the details in writing, and additional questions regarding your situation if needed, so that I can provide your quote.

Elegant Cakes and Party Dates contact details:

Mobile on 0413482249 or Email:
Melissa White, Sugar Art Designer. Located in Doncaster, Victoria.

Once you are ready to order?

To complete your order, you will be sent a contract agreement to complete. This will contain all your order details for you to review. A deposit of 50% is required to book your date. No work will commence on a project until this deposit has been received. The remaining payment will be required two weeks before your event if we are delivering your cake to a venue, or at the time of pick up from our address.

What can I order from you?

At Elegant Cakes and Party Dates you can order a custom designed cake, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, figurines or even a Dessert Buffet. We also organise cake decorating parties. You can visit the gallery here.

How much notice do you need?

1 week notice at least is required. Preferably two weeks.  Please do not ask if we can make your cake if you need it today or in two days’ time. All creations are custom designed according to your specific needs, I do not have cakes in storage. We do not start on cakes until all the details have been determined and a deposit has been paid. Orders made less than a week in advance will require payment in full. Orders submitted with 72 hours of the event, may incur additional charges.

Guide to pricing Cakes

There are no set prices for custom designs, as every cake is different. When we give you a quote, the price is determined by considering the following:

1. The amount of time it will take to design, bake and decorate your cake.
2.The cost of ingredients for the cake.
3.The cost of supplies needed to complete the design.
4. The size of the cake. How many people does it serve?
5. How many tiers are required?
6.The shape of the design. Complicated the shapes require more time.


Around $50 for each figurine, however please contact me for an individual quote for your requirements. Personalised Figurines are generally made out of a combination of fondant and gumpaste, but in some circumstances can also be made out of poly clay. Figurines can be made to look like you, with a similar hair colour, hair style and clothing.  Additions include: veils, tiaras, jewellery and flowers; sports equipment, miniature wedding cakes or even toys and animals.


Individual Cookies start from $4 each with a minimum order of 12
Cookies can be presented and packaged in a number of ways.
These include being plated, boxed. Cookies can be also bagged, with or with a label.
Elegant Cakes and Party Dates also makes cookie pops and elegant cookie bouquets. Request a quote for these items.


Prices start at $4 for a basic yummy cupcake. There are all sorts of cupcakes that can be designed for your event. From fondant modelling to Paper Toppers. Cake cakes can be arranged into bouquets, in boxes. 

Dessert Buffets

 Prices vary according to requirements. A wonderful way to serves your guests a selection of sweet treats.

Mobile Cake Decorating Parties

Cake and cupcake parties that come to you.

Cupcake parties are $260 for 8 people with additional people $30 each.
Mini Cake Parties are $270 for 6 people with additional people $35 each.

Plan your party.

 Travel allowance:

A travel allowance will also be calculated according to your location, this is usually from around $40, depending on where you live.