Rainbow mini cake class in Hatfield

Celebration: Hayjar's Ramadan Celebration Party
Age group:   6 to 10 years old
Number of guests: 8
Duration of party: 2 hours
Name of cake decorating activity- Rainbow Mini Cakes

This party was a very special celebration for a lovely girl called Hayjar. It was not actually her birthday, rather a celebration  gift from her family for completing Ramadan. After looking through the cakes in the gallery here at Elegant Cakes and Party Dates, Hayjar decided she would like to learn how to make a cake with a rainbow at her celebration.

 The girls started the class by rolling out small amounts of each of the 6 colours I provided.  I showed the girls  how to join the colours together to make a rainbow strip. The girls then wrapped their rainbows around their cakes in the position they wanted.

 Some classes I run, the children follow step by step what I do for the whole class, while during others the children really prefer to do their own thing. I am guided by what they want to do at the time and help everyone when they need it. This class was a bit of both.

I showed the children how to use all the different tools that I brought with me and each child focused on using the cake decorating tools that they liked. They had lots of fun adding their own special touches to their cakes. Some choose to make flowers, others hearts. I taught them how to make different kinds of boarders, how to place their initials on the cake and add different textures to their fondant.

All the rainbow cakes looked very pretty sitting on the table when they were finished and the girls were very happy.

It was also lovely to feel so welcome. In fact after the girls had finished decorating the family invited me to share a meal with them.

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This is what Nadia had to say about the party-
"The kids had a great time. They loved it and enjoyed it and the parents were impressed! The kids were talking about it for the next couple of days. Thank you very much, and will pass ur details on to the ladies."

I hope you holidays are going well, enjoy the last few days