Stefanie celebrates her 10th Birthday with a Lady Bug Cake Party in Melbourne

Celebration: Stefanie's 10th Birthday Party
Name of cake decorating activities- Lady bug mini cakes and Volcano Cakes

Age groups:  For the mini cakes 9 and 10 years
For the Volcano cakes 4 and 8 years old
Number of guests:7
Duration of party: 2 hours

I wanted to share with you a couple of photos from Stefanie's Cake Decorating Party. I am afraid the photos were taken rather quickly, so they aren't the best quality. We were all too busy concentrating on the activities Stefanie had selected for the afternoon.

The girls decorated Mini cakes, while Stefanie's brothers decorated their volcanos. One of her brothers was 8 years old and didn't need any help the other was 4 years old and had a hand from Mum and Dad.

 Each cake had been covered with a thin layer of chocolate icing to seal in the crumbs. This makes it much easier to apply the top coat of icing, which the girls were going to do themselves.

So the girls were taught how to roll out some blue fondant large enough to cover their cakes with.
Once they had the fondant on their cakes, they learnt where to cut the fondant, so it ends nicely at the bottom and how smooth it.

As Stefanie's brother's were a bit younger their volcanos were all ready to decorate. The boys  made lava and grass and water. I also included a pack of dinosaurs which four year old Daniel was happy to use. Nicolas was interested in doing more, so  I showed him how to make a Stegosaurus and he ended up making a great collection of them in different colours.

The girls learnt how to make ribbon roses, and made flowers using the various cutters and tools provided.
 Then I showed them how to make their  Lady Bird for the top of their cakes, step-by-step.

Very quickly the two hours passed and below you can see the wonderful results of their work.
As you can see each cake is a little different and they all look great!

Until the next time,