Children's Cupcake Decorating Party in Melbourne- Bilynda's Party

Celebration: Bilynda's 10th Birthday Party
Age group: 4 to 10 year olds
Number of guests: 15
Duration of party: 2 hours
Name of cake decorating activity- Pink cupcake Decorating Party

Bilynda celebrated her birthday with a cupcake decorating party at  home with 14 friends.
 The children learnt how to ice their cupcakes and how to use texture plates to create designs on the icing. They then made all the decorations to go on top of the cupcakes.
 I taught them how to make bows and roses, butterflies and various other flowers. I also brought along a selection of different cutter and tools for them to experiment with. As you can see from the  cupcake photos they were very creative, I love how each cupcake is a little different.
With 15 young children  of it was a rather large party,  however it went very smoothly and we all had a lot of fun.
I received a lovely message from Bilynda's Mum after the party.

"Melissa, Just a huge thank you from all the girls at Bilynda's  birthday. We would all like to say thank you for the experience. Your party was fantastic, as well as your cakes deliciously moist. Thank you again" from Nicole

Have a lovely day,