Mali in the city!

Looking for a fun free activity to do with Children in the city of Melbourne?
"Mali in the City" is a mammoth art event featuring 50 life size sculptures of the Melbourne Zoo's most famous elephant calf, Mali. This free event runs until September 21 and was created to celebrate Melbourne Zoo's 150th Birthday

The Mali in the City iPhone app
Download for free at not only does this provide you with a map of all the elephant sculptors, but it also gives you rewards for the number of elephants you find.

 Get Your Free Show Bag
The Marriott Hotel also has free Mali Show bags, with a printed map, colouring competition, discount vouchers and tea. 

So far we have found 31 elephants, the children were quite happy to run around the city all day trying to find them. They each took a camera and took lots of photos too.

Visit the Playgrounds
It is nice that they have located a couple of the sculpters near playgrounds at the Flagstaff gardens and Birranrung Marr, there are also some at the Royal Botanic Gardens and in a couple of park in Calton. So there are plenty of places for the children to run around and have some fun.

I don't know if we will end up visiting the whole 50 elephants, but we do plan to go out on another search very soon.

 Join  the Birthday Party at Melbourne Zoo
All the elephants will be moved to the zoo from September 24th and you can join the Zoo's official 150th Birthday at the Royal Melbourne Zoo on Saturday the 6th of October.

Want a Mali of your own?
All the elephants will be auctioned to raise money for Zoos Victoria Wildlife convervation programs.


Souri Sengdara said...

Yeah .. 31 :-) We found already all 50. Have a look here:

Elegant Cakes and Party Dates said...

Your photos are lovely. I especially like the ones taken at night!

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