21st Wonderland Cake

I had the pleasure of making Sini's 21st Birthday cake recently. The Cake was Chocolate Vegan with soy icing. The theme for the party was Alice in Wonderland. Sini wanted a simple cake to serve her guests that would tie in with the theme.

 The original idea was to have a cake the colour of Alice's dress with 'eat me" on the top. I also suggested  that I make an icing watch to place on the cake with the time of her birth. A golden icing spoon and a Queen of Hearts Soldier, with 21.

Here is what Sini had to say " I had a wonderful night! Thank you so much for the cake! The design was beautiful and it tasted delicious. I asked a few people if they could tell it was vegan and they all said no! You did an amazing job, and I would definitely recommend you to my family and friends!
I have included a couple of photos for you!"  :)

Happy 21st Sini !