Making a Stretch Hummer Cake

Had a lovely Lady contact me from the Big Picture Group . They wanted to order a  special cake to surprise their boss. All I can say, is he must be a good man to work for, because this was one special cake.

The cake was sculptured from chocolate mud cake to look like a Pink Stretch Hummer Limousine. Elizabeth sent me a couple of pictures of what she wanted the cake to look like and I set to work.

Above are the  icing wheels I made for the cake, complete with tyre tread.

Shaping the cake
It is always nice to take a couple of progress photos, I like to keep my clients updated, so they know how it is going. The cake was about 12 inches long and about 4 inches high.

All I had to do now is get the cake boxed, ready to be picked up and taken to Hawthorn.

A couple of hours later I recieved this lovely email:

Hi Melissa,
Thank you so much. The cake was unbelieveable!
So so so yummy! We were very impressed and our boss loved it!
Liz Elsby

Have a great day,


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Thanks! Just read your latest post, it made me smile. Good tips!

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This is too fabulous.

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