Making Hula girls and Volcano Cakes with kids.

Celebration: Indiana's 7th Birthday Party
Age group:  6 and 7 years old
Number of guests: 10
Duration of party: 2 hours
Name of cake decorating activities- Hula dolls for the girls and Volcano Cakes for the boys.

 This was a really fun Cake Decorating Birthday Party for Indiana's 7th Birthday.
 All the children started with a dome cake, which were crumb coated for them. The girls then made hula skirts using different coloured strips, while the boys made plants and leaves around the base of their cakes.
The girls then attached their dolls and made their own tops and flowers out of fondant, while the boys made flowing lava and fire and added dinosaurs.
All the cakes and decorations were egg and nut free, as one of the little girls had severe allergies. rather than giving her something different to do, it was easier to make the whole party a nut and egg free zone.

It was lovely to watch the children create their own individual designs.
They spent about an hour and a half working away. As well as the cake, the children each had place mats with their names on them, the use of all tools, decorations to transform their cakes and a box to take their cake home in. Aprons were also provided.

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