Custom made Figurines- for a special Wedding

I received a lovely email from Miriam the other day. She wanted to share some photos of the figurines I made for her wedding to Brad in Bali.

Miriam contacted me a couple of months before her wedding. She lives in Perth, but has relatives here in Melbourne. She wanted to know if I could make some figurines for her Wedding Cake. Her sister in law would then pick them up and take them with her to the wedding in Bali.

Miriam met Brad while working on Hamilton Island. He was the Dive Instructor on on the Ferry that transported her to Hamilton Island each day. What a romantic story!

The couple was marrying in Bali and the Wedding Cake was being made there. However, Miriam wanted some very special figurines to go on the cake recreate the special times they had on the waters of the Whitsundays. That's why she contacted me.

A few photos later, we worked out the positions, clothing and all the little details.
Here's are a couple of photos of the figurines I made for her Bali Wedding.
Congratulations Miriam and Brad, what a beautiful day!

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Lovely. Glad she liked her cake.

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Really good blog, true inspiration! :)

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