Planning a very special 10th Bithday Spa Party

Happy Birthday to my very precious Jessie!
 I can't believe you are 10 already!

I wanted to share with you a couple of pictures from Jessica's Party. It was so much fun planning a Pampering party at home. We took all the furniture out of Jessica's bedroom and replaced it with couches  and decorations to turn it into a pampering salon. The girls were given matching Cupcake Pj's to wear. These looked great in the photos and were a lovely keepsake for them to take home.
 All the treatments were homemade and provided by Nana and myself.
 The girls enjoyed chocolate facials, olive oil and sea salt foot scrubs and clear nail polish with nail art. It was such a lovely way to spend the evening.

Jessica's cake was make up set complete with fondant bushes. The girls also did some cake decorating. they made Spa pops, which is cake and icing mixed together to form a truffle. The truffle is attached to a stick and dipped in chocolate.  They can then be decorated anyway you want.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!
Happy Birthday Jessica!!!!