Junior Masterchef goes to Disneyland

Did you happen to catch the latest episode of Junior Masterchef  Australia last night? Well, just in case you didn't hear, they were cooking at Disneyland!  I must admit I haven't been following this series as closely as a normally do, we missed the start of the season because, we went to Disneyland too!! Now seems the perfect time to share a few photos of our adventure and  show off my latest cake creation, inspired by our trip to Disneyland.

There are a lot more photos I could share. We spent four fabulous days at Disneyland. It was a perfect time to go with the children. Jessica is just about to turn 10 and Dominic turned 7 while we were in America. It was great because the children were old enough to walk all day, loved the characters and were tall enough to go on any of the rides they liked.  Disneyland is a magical experience, one we will never forget.

On Junior Masterchef last night they were asking the children to create a dish inspired by their trip to Disneyland. It is easy to see why anyone would find it inspiring. It is fully of colours and sounds, even smells.
So while I did not rush home and make a fish dish, I did create this Birthday Cake. I love the colour combination of  Red, Black and White. In fact, I think it would be nice to use these colours again soon in an up coming project.

If you missed Jr Masterchef you can watch it here . Next week on Masterchef is looking very interesting too.
They are making cupcakes for the Mad Hatters Tea Party. It should be so much fun!!! The next episode airs Sunday night.

Have a wonderful day!