Five steps to the perfect Waffle!

The family and I recently spent a month on Holiday in the United States. Today I would like to share with you the Waffles we made for our breakfast at the Super 8 in Blackfoot, Idaho. It was super easy, as they had it all set up and lots of fun!

1. Grease the waffle pan with a little spray.

 2. Next get a cup full of batter from the machine.

3. Gently pour all the batter over the hot plate until the whole area is covered. when you are finished carefully shut the lid, turn the waffle maker over. Now you have to wait about three minutes  for it to beep.

4. Carefully remove the cooked waffle using a spatula.

5. Add your topping and enjoy!

Take care,


Girlie Blogger said...

Your little helper is adorable. I wish I had a waffle maker :0)

alicia said...

your blog is so pretty

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