Chasing Rainbows! This is a Cake to Brighten Your Day!

I am excited to share with you this bright and colourful Birthday Cake. Designing it was so much fun! The Cake is for a very special girl celebrating her 7th birthday in Melbourne. Maya decided she would like to have a "Rainbow Disco Party". So Elegant Cakes and Party Dates was asked to create a cake for 15 people that would be served at the event. Here are a couple of picture I took along the way.

The cake is  Gluten Free Chocolate Mud Cake with Chocolate Ganache, covered in a thin layer of white rolled Fondant. The rainbow, boarder and flowers are all made from fondant which has been coloured with special cake decorating pastes. Small amounts are added to the fondant using a toothpick, until the desired shade is achieved. The rainbow is made from two shades of pink, orange, yellow, green and blue.

The boarder is simple made by rolling individual balls of fondant and placing them in position around the cake. If you are wondering how to make each one the same size. Roll each colour of fondant with a rolling pin to the same thickness. Then use the end of a piping tube to cut circle shapes. Roll up the circles and each ball will be the same size.
The flowers which are also made from fondant are attached to the cake using the tiniest amount of water.

These flowers were then randomly positioned around the cake. The letters for Maya's name are made using a cutter. Again the fondant is rolled out, then left to dry for a while. This makes it easier to remove the letters.

Maya's Dad came and picked up the cake after work. I received a phone call when he arrived home to say how happy they were with the cake and how I had brightened their day! It is always lovely to hear that a cake you have designed is a big hit!

Have a wonderful day!