Cake Decorating Projects for Children- Jessica's Two tiered Cake with Ribbon Roses

Jessica is my 9 years old daughter, and has been making things in the kitchen since she was just a tot. Today she would like to share with you her first two tier mini cake that she designed and created.
The cake is two small chocolate cakes. It is big enough to make 10 small serves, or 6 larger ones.

Here Jessica is rolling out the fondant on a piece of baking paper.
The fondant has been coloured with a small amount of blue.

A couple of hours later here is a very happy Jessica with her cake.
The top is decorated with ribbon roses, which are make by rolling up strips of fondant. Jessica then arranged these into a little bouquet on top of her cake.

Here is a closer look at the detail. I love the shade of blue and the elegant roses.
Well Done Jessica, you have done an amazing job!!!