Making Gumpaste shoes.

Jessica, Dominic and I had some spare time on our hands and were looking for something to do. Jessica asked if she could try making one of the little icing shoes I made earlier in the year. Dominic  had a lot of fun taking the photos. (aren't they great!)

You will need:
Paste colour (optional)
A knife

Cotton Wool buds
Some water
Non stick spray
Rolling pin
Board to work on

 First step, cut out the sole in the colour of your choice. We both used pink. You will need  to cut out two of these if you want to make a pair of shoes.


Next step is to cut out the insole. We decided to make this white. Attach the bottom of the insole to the top of the sole. Repeat the process if making a pair. making sure you make the mirror image. (you don't want two left feet)

The next step is to cut out the shoe upper. The long bit is the strap and the curved part will form the toe of the shoe. Roll up a tiny edge along the bottom, so that when you attach the upper part of the shoe to the sole, you end up with a neat join.

Use a brush to apply a small amount of water around the outer edge of the insole. then place a Small ball of cotton wool at the toe of the shoe. This will help support the icing as you join the two pieces together.

Start with the end that forms the toe and slowly work your way around adding cotton wool for support as needed.  When you reach the end, trim to neaten the join. The gently place the strap into position.

  Dry the little shoe overnight before removing the cotton wool. Then you can decorate it any way you like.

If you would like any more information on this tutorial, please just ask.
Have a wonderful day!