Cake Decorating projects for children- making a Space Cake

Last year Dominic was able to speak with  astronaut Timothy J Creamer on-board the International Space Station. This was an amazing and memorable experience for him.

In July 2011 the Space Shuttle Atlantis completed it's last mission into space. Dominic watched the launch with great interest.

For a while I had been telling Dominic that he could design his own cake and after seeing the Shuttle blast off
into space, he finally decided what he would like to do.

 Two little cakes
Rather than making just one cake, we decided it would be nice to make a very tiny two tiered one.
The top tier is baked in a lined fruit tin and the bottom is a 5 inch round. The cakes were then cooled and iced separately.

Icing the Night Sky
The icing on the cake is  Ganache Fudge. The chocolate and cocoa makes the icing quite dark, but Dominic wanted it to look more like the night sky. Adding a bit of  Wilton Black Paste Colour did the trick.
 Applying the icing
I helped Dominic apply the icing with a pallet knife. The icing was then smoothed with a hot knife. Now the fun can begin.

The Atlantis Shuttle
The main feature of the cake is the shuttle. Dominic rolled out some  white fondant icing to about 5mm and then cut out the shuttle shape using a cookie cutter I happened to have.
The silver finish this painted on with decorators dust and vodka. This forms a quick drying paint that is applied to the surface of the shuttle with a paint brush.

Space Decorations
Next Dominic made all the Planets, a big shooting star and some tiny stars. These were all made of while fondant and coloured the way he wanted them.
Then Dominic simply chose where he wanted to position everything the cake and gently pushed them into the icing, which was still drying.

 Dominic's Space Cake
Here is the finished cake! I think Dominic has done a lovely job!!! He had lots of fun too.

So, maybe next time you want to make a cake with your children,
 you could try making Dominic's Spectacular Space Cake.
 Not only will you be rewarded with a fantastic cake to share,
 but to see the look of achievement on their face is priceless!

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