Wedding Cake Stories- Mick and Cannelle

Every cake has a story. This one is spectacular!
I hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look at Mick and Cannelle's Wedding Cake.

It was just before Christmas and the plane was crammed with people. In the middle of it all was me. Clutching my cake decorating equipment. Having been too scared to put the equipment in my suitcase in case my luggage somehow managed to get lost.

Tucked under the seat in front of me were the Wedding Figurines. I had already made them for the Cake. I hope I wouldn't be told to move them. In fact, I probably would have argued if the Stewardess had even suggested it.

Finally in Canberra, I couldn't use the oven until after Christmas dinner. There was a lot of mud cake to cook and not a lot of time. In fact the oven pretty much stayed on for 24 hours from the 26th of December. I had two days to get the cake made!

The Wedding was going to be Spectacular adventure! Starting with a ferry ride through Sydney Harbour to a tiny private island. Where the beautiful ceremony would take place. Photos, drinks and nibbles. A band and Swiss Horn player.

Then back to the mainland where a Red Double Decker Bus would take guests on a tour of Sydney, including Luna Park. Followed by an evening reception, overlooking the spectacular Sydney Harbour at Centre Point Tower.

Guests were flying in from all around the world. The Bride and Groom themselves, had only just arrived in Sydney. All this provided lots of inspiration for their Wedding Cake. Two different flavours of Mud cake, Chocolate and Caramel were to be served. The Wedding cake tiers would represent pile of luggage, three suitcases piled on top of one another. The board under the cake was a map of the places in Sydney we would visit. On the very top case were the two Wedding Figurines I made in Melbourne, sitting rather happily on the top of a bright red plane.

Finally the cake was ready. Then it had to be carefully packed for the journey. It would take us 4 hours to drive from Canberra to Sydney. I must say that it was a bit of a nerve racking experience! Driving up Pitt Street pedestrian Mall in Sydney, my heart was in my mouth. The horn didn't deter the hordes of people that concluded that our car was in the wrong place and they weren't going to move for us!! However, it was the way to access the loading dock at Centre Point Tower, where we were told we could drop off the cake.

It was a truly Spectacular Wedding with a cake journey across three states that I will never forget!!!
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Well, I hope you enjoyed this cake adventure.
Take care, until next time, 

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