Make your own Chef Party Hat

Here is a little activity you can do at home which is rather fun. You only need a few simple items to make them. The great thing about these hats is they can be made to match any party theme, simply by changing the paper and colour combinations.

 You will need:

  1. scissors
  2. sticky tape
  3. a page of newspaper
  4. A strip of wrapping paper
  5. tissue paper

 1. To make the band of the chef hat, you will need to fold the newspaper into a strip about 5 cm wide.
2. Place the wrapping paper on the table, with the wring side facing up.
3. Tape the ends of the wrapping paper to each end of the strip of newspaper.

 4. Fold the wrapping paper around the band of newspaper.
5. Take one sheet of tissue paper and cut along the longest edge to make two halves.
6. You will need one half of tissue paper folded to make your chef hat.
7. Open the edge of the band (see the picture in number 4) and place one edge of the tissue paper inside. Tape in place, then turn the whole thing over and tape where the tissue paper meets the  band again.

8. The chef hat is now ready to place on the child`s head. Wrap it around and mark the spot and join the ends with tape both inside and outside the band.

Here are some finished hats!

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