Designing a Dessert Buffet

I must admit, I love creating things. The best bit of my job is taking a set of  ideas and watching them slowly come to life. Then there is the priceless look on someones face when they see for the first time what you have created for them.. It is truly a blessing to be in a position where you can really make some one's day, and that is always my aim.
So today I have another special Birthday to share with you.. What I love about this 21st birthday a budget and the freedom to do whatever liked. 
For a long time I have been inspired by a talented designer called Amy Atlas. Amy Atlas is a very clever designer that specialises in the art of  tablescaping. 

What is tablescaping? Tablescaping involves taking a selection of objects and arranging them in a pleasing way. It can be done with all types of objects. You can tablescape a coffee table, or an entrance hallway, even the dinner table, which we all do from time to time. 
However, what I really wanted to do was a Dessert Buffet. The lucky Birthday girl was receiving this as a gift from her very generous Auntie. There would be 140 guests, so it would be nice if everyone at least got something.
 So  the focus was on miniature treats. Bite size chocolate cupcakes with  little dollops of ganache, tiny star sugar cookies with cute little flowers and tiny chocolate treats wrapped in silver to match her silver and white


21 is a very special Birthday,I also wanted the dessert table to reflect this and added little tags with both the number and it written in words.

 The Dessert Buffet also needed a special 21st to cut when they sang Happy Birthday, so for this I made a miniature lemon cake with a 21st candle to blow out.


To match the little flowers in shades of pink, I added little cake toppers to the cupcakes in shades of pink and black. I also found a selection of platters to lay out all the yummy desserts that I had made.
The whole table was so fun to create.
I was so happy the party was a huge success.

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