A Black and White Celebration

Mmm..... not actually a Collingwood supporter, but here is a cake for a Mum who is a very big fan.
The cake was ordered by her daughter for a big birthday celebration. Everything was black and white in true Collingwood fashion! This is a Lemon Cake. All the decoration were made of sugar except for the fresh flowers on top, which were provided by the family.The fresh flowers make a lovely topper. One word of warning though, if the flowers are wired, they should never be directed stuck into the cake. There is a special little holder you can buy called a posy pick. After the flowers are taped together with florist tape, they just need to be pushed into the posy pick and then they can be placed on the cake.
Make sure that the posy pick is removed before the cake is cut.
It is also important that you inform the florist that the flowers are for a cake topper. You want to make sure the flowers haven't been spray with any pesticides or chemicals if they are going to placed on something you are going to serve your guests.

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