Abbey road Cake for a 50th Birthday Party

Here are the figurines I made for Janis's Birthday. I never actually realised how hairy The Beatles got during their Abbey road Days. This was one of two cakes was ordered as a surprise

The other  was a cutting cake with a 50 on it.
Lisa choose Marble Mud cake with Ganache and Fondant Icing.The cakes catered for 80 guests. Apparently the figurines and the cake were a big hit.
Thanks so much Lisa and Happy 50th Birthday Janis!


Adam B said...

Those figurines are awesome! The platform looks like the street and also (possibly unintentionally) looks like the keys on a keyboard. Nice :)

Elegant Cakes and Party Dates said...

I see what you mean, unintentional, but very appropriate!

Margaret said...

Wow! Very impressive Beatles figurines.... instantly recognisable. I really love this cake!

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