Learning Through Cooking

Learning through cooking and baking is fun!
Children can start from a very early age doing simple things such as mixing  rolling and icing.

As they get older and more confident a great sense of achievement is gained through completing recipes and doing things, "All by myself!".
Following a recipe practices reading skills. Children learn the importance of sequence. Recipes must be completed one step at a time, in the correct order to work. Care must be taken not to leave anything out, they have to concentration.
Cooking teaches cause and effect. What happen if you melt butter? What happens when you beat it with sugar? This teaches children that you can get different results from treating the same ingredients different ways.

Children practice their math skills through weighing and measuring ingredients. For example, I gave Jessica a packet of butter and I asked her to work out how of the packet she would need. Jessica used the scale to weigh butter and then was then able to do a quick calculation to realise she needed half the pack.

Dominic is a little too young to be completing math calculations like this yet, but that doesn't mean he can't help too. So he could weigh the sugar, so I wrote on a piece the number he would need to match on the digital scale and he kept comparing the numbers until he got there.
Cooking is also about sharing and working together. Here Jessica is grating the rind, while Dominic measures the flour. With many recipes most of the time is spent preparing the ingredients. Each child like to have a job to do myself, as well as working together. So remember next time the children are helping you in the kitchen that it is a great time to teach them a few things while having fun at the same time.
So, how about baking something this week? not only will your children have lots of fun, they will learn lots too! We have lots of recipes for you to try in  Baking with Kids section.
Have fun!!

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