How to make Flower Cookie Pops

There are various ways you can make a cookie on a stick.
The first way is to use a stick that you bake in the oven. Food safe paddle pop sticks, or longer cookie sticks are used to do this.
The cookies are made by rolling out the cookie shape you want to make.
Place the cut out cookie on a large baking tray.
Gently push the stick into the cookie
Patch any holes on both sides before baking the cookie and smooth.
Once the cookies are baked they must be cooled before moving them, only pick then up by the cookie, not the stick, or you will end up with breakages.

If you prefer to add sticks after the cookies are baked, you can attach the stick to the back of the cookie using melted chocolate or royal icing. The chocolate will set much quicker, but will not hold up in a hot environment for very long.

Decorating Cookies with Icing

Simple flower cookies can be made using rolled out fondant or icing.
If you use rolled fondant, use the cookie cutter you made your cookie with to cut out the shape. This can then we carefully applied and smoothed on with the heat of your hand.
Royal icing can be piped or just applied to the cookie with a spoon. Clean around the edges when you have finished filling in the top of the cookie.

Additional details can be added using different coloured fondant. Such as centres for the flowers. Any rough edges can be trimmed with a knife. I use a scalpel knife to get a nice clean cut.

Finishing touches.
Outlines can be added to the cookie. Here a green stem has been made simply by adding a green drinking straw over the cookie stick.

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