Win a Cake Decorating Party at Mulgrave Market

The Mulgrave Makers Market is located on the Corner of Wellington Road and Jackson Road, Mulgrave. (Melway 80K)

Getting Ready for the Market

All the play dough has been made.

The cute little place mats are  also ready, waiting for the lovely creations that are sure to come.

Then children will be able to select  three different colours of  play dough. The creations can be free hand, or they may borrow the cookies cutters, or add items from the craft box.

There will be no time limit either, the children can stay as long as they want and play with their play dough.
Once they are finished, take it over to the table to be photographed and then you can take your creation and place mat home.

Jessica and Dominic were keen to try out the play dough this morning for themselves. Here's their results.

Jessica and Dominic had lots of fun and are looking forward to helping out on Sunday too!

Now all we need is the weather to cooperate. However it is always fun to take out the raincoat and gumboots and come and jump in some puddles.

Market Day is here!!

Well it was a rather cool and wet introduction to the Mulgrave Makers Market yesterday. It was great to see so many people out braving the conditions and enjoying all the things the market had to offer.  For Elegant Cakes and Party Dates it was a very special day, for not only was it our first outing at the market, but it was also our first ever competition day:- 

It was a lot of fun. The children were all very enthusiastic.  I was amazed at the standard of the entries and the time and care that went into them.

You can view the children's competition entries below!
The Elegant Cakes and Party Dates Play dough sculpting competition

I am not choosing the winner for the competition. They were all wonderful!

How to vote

The entry with the nicest comments will win the party, with a small prize also awarded to second and third.

The Winners will be announced on Sunday 12th December, so you have until then to place your comments.

Please do not vote more than once on the same entry. However, you are welcome to ask your friends and family to stop by. Make sure you don't forget to say what you like about the entry that you choose.

 If I do not get enough comments, I will use a random generator to select the winners. Thanks and good luck everyone.
Entry A 6 years old

 EntryB- 6 years old

 Entry C -11years old

 Entry D- 9 years old

Entry E- 4 years old

 Entry F- 6 years

Entry G- 6 years

 Entry H- 4 years

 Entry i- 7 years

 Entry J- 9 years

 Entry K- 6 years old

 Entry L- 5 years old

 Entry M- 10 years old

 Entry N- 9 years old

 Entry O- 5 years old

 Entry P- 7 years old

Entry Q- 6 years old

 Entry r- 9 years old

Entry S- 3 years old

 Entry T- 7 years old

Entry U- 9 years old

 Entry V- 5 years old

 Entry W- 11years old

 Entry X- 11 years old

Entry Y- 3 years old

Entry Z- 4 years old

Entry number one- 3years old.

Entry Number two- 6 years

Hamish wins 
The Elegant Cakes and Party Dates Party!

What he has won:
A Deluxe  2 hour Cake Decorating Party for 6.
Worth $220 Additional children $25 each

Included are personalised invitations for each of his guests, place mats to take home, and  the use of a wide selection decorating equipment and tools.

Together the children will decorate standing cookies. The children will be taught simple but effective techniques, so they can create their own special master piece. We will end the afternoon with a couple of sweet treats and a little fruit to finish off!

Hamish entered our play dough sculpting competition at Mulgrave Makers Market and has been selected as the winner of the party by the comments left on the competition gallery.

I love Hamish's interpretation of a Water Lily. I think Hamish has a huge amount of raw talent and will love to see what he comes up with at his party.
Well. done Hamish and Congratulations!

 Special prizes for Jalen and Belle.

I love the way Jalen used the objects he selected from the art box to create this very cute standing animal. I also love the colour combination.

This entry by Belle was also very popular with our readers. What an elegant cake you have created. Again, I love the colours! Maybe I will make a little cake like this and dedicate to you!

Congratulations and well done Jalen and Belle! Look out for a little parcel from me in the post later this week. I hope you enjoy them!

A big thank you to all of our readers that  took the time to leave a comment.
 We had people from all over the world showing their support for the children. Than you very much for stopping by and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it!

Congratulations to our winners and thanks again to everyone that took part and made this competition a success!! We look forward to sharing Hamish's Party in July.