How do you cut this cake?

 I thought I would share with you this U-tube video I found.
Of course it is a cake. Not one I made by the way. Anyway, these poor people are trying to cut this cake, but have no idea what they are doing. Take a look and you will see what I mean....

The lesson
Novelty cakes can be spectacular to look at,  but very difficult to cut if you are not told how to go about cutting them. These poor people should have been told how to cut the cake at the time of delivery, or written instructions should have been provided.

Internal Supports
Any cake taller than 4 inches will require internal supports. The blue lines above represent the approximate position of where the boards would need to be placed. So when they were attempting to cut the cake vertically they would have been hitting the edges of the boards at each level. The pole that was in the centre is to stop the layers of cake sliding side ways. Only very tall cakes are set up this way. There should also be additional support rods holding up each board, but I will talk about those another time.

So the main thing is, you should always be told how to cut the cake you have purchased, it just makes the whole experience a lot easier.

Have a great Cup Day!
Bye for now, Melly

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