Recipes and Baking with Children

The kitchen is a great place to teach children all kinds of skills. Hands on learning is very rewarding and so much fun!

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1. Apple Crumble Slice Jessica received a new cook book for Christmas and was eager to make something all by herself. So while I was busy unpacking from our holiday, I let Jessica have the kitchen to her self for the afternoon and this is what she made.****Featured on Little Melbourne

2. Coconut Bugs 

Jessica and Dominic had a great afternoon making bug cakes. While they look a little creepy, I can assure you they are delicious.

3. Passion fruit Sponge Cake 
Dominic made this cake when he was only 5 years old and had a fantastic time. This was the first cake he cooked without Jessica and he really enjoyed the chance to complete all the stages with as little help as possible. The recipe for Sponge cake with Passion fruit icing passed has been passed down from my Grandmother. It is light and delicious and lots of fun to make. 

4. Pecan Ginger Shortbread  These biscuits are not overly sweet, but are very tasty and lovely with a nice cup of coffee. We have made them a few times. Great to make with the kids over the holidays.

5. Honey Banana Cake
 This cake reminds me of  the banana smoothies I had  as a treat when I was a child. It is even more of a treat to make a cake with banana in it at the moment as bananas are around $15 a kilo. That works out to about $3 a banana!
Update: I am very happy to say that in 2012 Bananas have gone back down to $2 a kilo. My daughter's first word was "Banana" and my son loves them. Needless to say, we are very happy to be eating lots of them again.

6. Lemon Cake Balls
Easy to make and great for a small afternoon treat. why not try making some of these delightfully lemony balls. You could use this recipe to make cake pops too. Why not try making: Christmas Tree Pops, or 3D Flower Pops.

7. Chocolate Cupcakes
Looking for something just a little different. These  chocolate cupcakes can be made with soy milk. cream  They also have Albran in them for  a bit of added fibre.

8. Happy Birthday Mum- from Jessica and Dominic
I spend a lot of time making special cake for people to celebrate their Birthday. This year I was very lucky, as Jessica and Dominic designed and made a very special cake just for me. I loved it!!  


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