Removing cakes from unusual cake tins

I had a request for a bit of help getting cakes out of cake tins.
Most of the time I used standard 3 inch tins in either round or square.
I usually spray these tins with a little non stick spray and then line with baking paper.

When I made Sabine's Cake, I also used the dolly varden tin.
 This tin is shaped a bit like a cone and is used to make the skirt of the doll cake. I did not use baking paper in this tin. First I greased the tin with vegetable fat, then I dusted cocoa over the surface as I was making chocolate cake. If you were using the tin for a butter cake or pound cake you would use flour not cocoa.
When I made Dominic's Castle cake, I used the non- stick spray and the cake came out fine.

Finally, Jessica and Dominic have just used a silicone pan to make bug cupcakes. I had never used one of these before, but I just gave then a light spray of non-stick spray before the children filled them and they came out easily, with just a little gentle rocking. So that was great.  I will post some photos of their cakes soon!

Bye for now!