Some of the icing flowers I have made.

I have been going to classes to learn how to make gumpaste flowers. My teacher is a lovely lady called Stella.

Stella is amazing. She has won lots and lots of awards for her floral art and is also an inspiring and talented teacher. Here are pictures of some of my flowers that I have learned thanks to Stella.

The first thing I learned how to make were gumpaste roses.  I had a Wedding for Sean and Kirsten coming up at the time and wanted to make sure I knew how to make them look realistic.  I had made piped roses before and even simple gumpaste ones, but it was great to learn them from a person, rather than a book. All the roses I made started off as white, but the bride wanted orange flowers for her cake, so they were dusted with orange petal dust.
Here are  roses and leaves all wired up into a bouquet. Again, this was made to practice my flower making skills for Kirsten's Wedding. The cake will feature orange roses and pretty green ribbon to match the wedding invitations.
Trying to recreate a flower in sugar really gives you an appreciation of the true beauty of nature. I loved making this posy of pansies. I must admit I never realized until I attempted to do this, just how many variations in colour and shading exist. Hopefully I will get around to making some more sometime in the future.

I loved making Lillie's. The first one I gave to Emma from Buziness Babes, to thank her for her help. I have kept  one for myself and  placed the third  in a pot. For this one I made the leaves and bud and dirt as well. 

A little tip when arranging flowers, things look better in odd groups, so 3 or 5 flowers rather than 2 or 4.

 The Dutch Iris. This flower is made out of 9 pieces altogether, so it took a while. They really are beautiful flowers. I always appreciate a flower more after I have attempted to make it in sugar. Anyway, hope you like it. A little bit of Spring from me to you!

That's all for now!