How to make Fondant Fantasy Flowers

 Here is what you need:

Non stick cooking spray
A fine paint brush
The flower mould
Petal dusts

1. Grease the flower mould with a bit of non-stick cooking spray before you make the first  flower. Rub the excess spray off with a tissue. Then each flower you will need a pea sized ball of fondant. Place it in the mould as shown here, then simply place the other half on top and press the two sides together in the centre.                                                         

  2. Remove the little flower from the mould gently using a toothpick. Then use the toothpick to make the centre of the flower by gently pressing in the middle of it.
3. It won't take long before you have lots of little flowers. Leave them to firm up a bit. This will take at least a couple of hours. I made this in the morning and came back and coloured them in the afternoon.
4. To colour the flowers you can use some petal dust. There are various brands and a huge variety of colours to use. You can buy them from a cake decorating shop for around $5 each. you only need a little bit and can use the dust mixed with cornflour if you want a lighter effect.
Here are a couple of examples of ways you can use these flowers:

Children love making these flowers too. Jessica even made some to put on my Birthday cake this year! ;-)

That's all for now.
 If you have any questions,
just leave a comment and I will try and help.
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