How to make a doll out of icing

You will need:
  • A rolling pin
  • Flower cutter
  • One strand of uncooked spaghetti
  • Fondant icing
  • Food colouring, green,brown, skin, black and pink
  • Water
  • Toothpicks (tool)
This is how you do it:
1.You will need to colour  about 50grams of the fondant icing for the dress, I am using green for this one. Colour another 50grams skin colour and about 10grams or so brown for the hair. Make sure you keep all icing wrapped up when you are not using it, or it will dry out. 

2.Take about 20gs of skin coloured icing roll a sausage shape. This  forms the legs.  Taper off the ends and make then into feet shapes. Then bend the legs into a "U" shape and cross the ankles. Position.

3. Roll out all  the green icing, then use a cutter to make her skirt. I have done this by placing the rolled out fondant on top of the cutter and rolling over the top of the icing. This helps neaten the edges of the skirt. You could use a flower shaped cutter, like I have here, or a circle cutter would be just fine. Do this twice, you will need two to will give the skirt a bit of body. 

4. Now you can start to assemble her.  I am doing this on a rounded surface. When she is dry I will be able to remove her and she will sit nicely on a cake.
So, on top of the legs you just made, placed a ball of icing and then arrange the two layers of skirt on top.
5. Make a hole in the centre of the skirt for the stand of spaghetti to stick into. This will give the little girl support as you make her torso. Spaghetti is used because it is edible. Even if you don't plan to eat your creation, never use something that you can't eat to support a figurine. This keeps everyone safe.
 The strand of spaghetti only needs to be long enough to hold on the top of the dress, the neck and the head.

6.To make the top of the dress, take a small piece of green icing and roll into a sausage shape again. Shape the end that joins the skirt slightly thinner, to give the little girl a waist.

7. Now make the arms by rolling two very thin sausage shapes. When you are happy with their size, apply the thicker end to the shoulder with a little water. Position and trim the arm if necessary. Repeat the process for the other arm.

8. I have added tiny little green sleeves to cover where the arm joins the top of the dress. 
9. Roll a tiny sausage for a neck and place a small ball on top for a head.
10. Take a small piece of brown icing about the size of a marble, add water a drop at a time and mix until it forms a thick paste. Using a toothpick apply the brown icing to make hair.
11.  Add a little ball for the nose. The eyes and mouth are added using a toothpick dipped in to little undiluted food colouring.

What you do with her at this point is up to you. For a princess you might like to add a tall cone hat. For a fairy you could add some wings.
Here's a cake with fairy ballerina's made in much the same way. I made it for my daughter when she was 5. Making cakes like this is lots of fun!!


Five Star Dime said...

This looks beautifull, you could use it on a cake for a little girl and you can change the hair style and skincolor aswell!

Thank you for sharing this!

Camly said...

Wonderful, thanks for sharing this article !

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