How To Transport A Cake

Here's a few tips.
  • Cakes need protection from both damage and contamination, so are best transported covered.
  • Choose a container or box that is very close to the size of the board you have used under the cake to stop the board from moving around.
  •  If using a deep container, use the lid as a base so it is easy to remove the cake with out damaging the sides of the cake.
  •  If using a box there is also less risk of damaging the cake if  the cake can be slid out the side of the box, rather than lifted out of the top.
  • Make any alternations to the box before you place the cake in it.
  • The container or Box must be placed on a flat surface
  • Use non slip mat under both boxes and containers  for transport.
  • In a standard car the safest place to transport a cake is in the boot. 
  • The passenger seat, or back seat are not safe places to transport your cake.
  • It is much safer for the cake to be in the boot on a non-slip mat, than held by a passenger.
  • Drive carefully, no sudden moves and take it easy on the corners.
 Some of my adventures...

 Jessica's doll cake had to travel from Melbourne to Canberra by plane. I rang the airline and they said  not only would it have to be placed in the overhead locker if there wasn't a spare seat, the cake also had to go through the x-ray machine.

In the end the poor doll had to be transported without her head as it was the only way I could fit the cake in a container small enough to fit the airline requirements. Luckily she looked  fine once she arrived and was put back together. I learnt a lot transporting this cake.

Lat's Turtle Graduation Cake had to travel to Darwin by plane. This time I found the container first and  designed the cake to fit. It made it much easier and was a whole lot less stressful.

Finally, here is the container Mum's  60th Birthday Cake was transported in when we went  to Ocean Grove. The container is very similar to the one I used for both the Doll and Turtle cakes pictured above.


Because the car was packed for a holiday, there wasn't room to have the cake in the boot by itself. However it is still packed with the non-slip mat under the container and flat on the surface of the boot. Everything else just had to fit in around it.

I must admit it is the first time I have tried to transport a cake in a full boot, but it made it there in perfect condition.

If you can't find the right container for your cake, check out this